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By: Diana White

Stability and change:

Tim tends to bring change into his home with new projects and ideas. The boys, just being children, bring change into the home also. Yet within these changes their home has stability. Having parents who love each other and are committed to their marriage makes all the difference when the winds of change come.

Individual vs. system dialects:

Tim is a good example of the individual vs. system dialects. He wants to be a good husband and father. He seeks help from Wilson secretly and desires to be the man of the house. The family and friends (system) loves him but finds his antics crazy. Sometimes they find it hard to respect his attempts to be the husband and father he desires to be. In the end is understood and loved.

Family system vs. cultural dialects:

Culturally Tim feels he is the man of the house. By nature of his public persona on Tool Time, "he’s the man." In the culture he speaks to everyday on his show demands it. At home though, Jill is the stable holding force in the family. She is strong and educated. They do work together through their antics and find resolutions to their problems.


Speech 107-Family Communications