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By: Brandi Redona

Community- The Taylor family’s household is the main community. This is where the entire family interacts with each other. The immediate family in the household is Tim, Jill and the three sons, Randy, Brad, and Mark. Jill is the only woman in a household filled with men. The other community is in a work environment, which takes place on the set of "Tool Time." Tim "the tool-man" Taylor is a key player in this community as well as his best friend Al. They conduct this Home Improvement show where everything they do goes wrong. Another outside community takes place in the backyard where Wilson and Tim can usually be found. It’s as if this is where Tim goes for therapy or advice for his life.

Alliance- I feel that one alliance is Tim and Wilson. They often times come together to help solve the problems that may be happening in the household. Wilson plays an eccentric next-door neighbor whose voice experience floats over the top of the backyard fence in response to Tim’s questions. His words of wisdom usually end up solving many of the household’s problems.

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