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By: Brandi Redona(Triads & Dyads) & Anna Mulvehill(Subsystem & Pictures)

Left to Right---Randy, Mark, & Brad

Triad: The first triad that I recognized in the family environment is the three boys. They usually unite together and join forces to try to get what they want. Also, in the work environment a triad exists between Tim, Al, and Heidi.

Tim, Heidi, & Al


Dyad: The first set of dyads that I recognized are Jill and Tim. They are husband and wife and have a very open and close relationship. The next set of dyads is Tim and Al. They are best friends and work together everyday on their show. Also, Wilson and Tim. They have a very open relationship. Wilson is an expert on giving Tim advice on questions about his manhood and relationships. Another dyad is Tim and mark. This is Tim’s youngest son who seems to be the closest to his dad out of the three boys. Tim loves to try to fix thing and work on cars. His son, Mark, shares this same affinity.
Subsystem:The Whole Taylor Family make up a Subsystem

Speech 107-Family Communications