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By: Deirdre Ranes

Social Support:  Social support may go hand-in-hand with extended family with Home Improvement.  The social support would be Al the best friend and Mr. Wilson.  Although Al can be very na´ve, simple and often overly sensitive, he is also a support to the family who is around for everything from family disputes to work problems.  Mr. Wilson on the other hand always keeps his distance on the other side of the fence and waits for them to come to him when they need him.
Culture:  The Taylor’s are an average American middle class family.  Both parents work outside of the home and their sons do average things teens do, from playing soccer to dirty rooms to fighting with each other.  Even though Tim’s job is his television show, he isn’t a big time celebrity living the high life.  They go thru all the typical family things and thru some other things most families wouldn’t due to Tim’s obsession with ‘high performance’ items such as toasters and dishwashers.

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Speech 107-Family Communications