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By: Deirdre Ranes

Triangulations:  There could be two triangles found in the show that both include Tim.  On one hand there is Tim, his wife Jill and Al his business partner and friend.  On the other hand there is Tim, his wife Jill and the neighbor whose face you never see, Mr. Wilson.  In either triangle Tim always seems to be the one who is goofing around and planning out his next hair-brained idea.  Tim always has to be the biggest, baddest, fastest high performance anything.  It doesn’t matter if it is a lawn mower to Christmas lights, it is always above and beyond and usually it ends up blowing up in his face…or someone else’s face.  Jill and Al are the more reasonable and down to earth characters who are always dealing with Tim during the construction of his projects and also the consequences of them.
Scapegoats:  Tim usually seems to cause all of his own troubles…and everyone else’s by his ‘great’ ideas.  Tim causes the problems and usually blames them on someone else.  It if is done at work on the show “Tool Time” then he usually blames Al for it.  If it is done at home it is his wife Jill that Tim blames.  Tim can’t help himself and I believe when these things happen the others excuse it because they know he can’t help himself.  That is just Tim.  The scapegoat may even be his inability to stop the ‘high performance’ of everything he comes in contact with.
Extended Family:  There are a few episodes where they bring in extended family; however, the neighbor Mr. Wilson is the person they all choose to go to.  Mr. Wilson is the one Tim goes to talk about his mistakes and to get advice when Jill is upset with him.  Jill goes to Mr. Wilson when she needs his advice about Tim, her kids or life in general.  Even though he isn’t necessarily related…they all go to him including the three sons.

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